Atex sleeve filter with stilling chamber

Atex sleeve filter
20 January 2020
Sleeve filter with stilling chamber
20 January 2020

Atex sleeve filter with stilling chamber

XMC bag filters are used extensively in almost all industrial plants, wherever powdered materials are handled. They are produced with a filtering surface area from 19 to 114 m2 and are basically made up of a series of permeable bags that guarantee the passage of gas but not of particulate matter. They are designed to comply with ATEX Directive 94/9/EC and their construction includes modular panels in galvanized sheet metal. The dusty air is introduced to the filtering section after the passage through a stilling chamber, which has the task of reducing the coarsest particles of pollutant and distributing the air flow evenly over the entire filtering section. This ensures a more efficient abatement of the particulate matter and avoids the phenomenon of clogging of the bags.

They are able to treat air containing very fine dust, maintaining a very high collection efficiency, even for particles smaller than 1 Micron. As the dust settles on the surface of the filter, during work, the filter will be cleaned by means of a cyclic counter-current cleaning system using compressed air. The retained dust can be conveyed into collection bins or other containers by means of a star valve (optional).
These filters are suitable for use in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres and dusts of the following classes
ST1 according to certification string II 3 D Ex tD A22 T200°C -10°C<T<40°C.



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