ATEX ribbed break panel

ATEX domed break panel
20 January 2020
AQ soundproof box
20 January 2020

ATEX ribbed break panel

Non-closable venting device that opens at breaking pressure leaving the vent area completely free.
The opening is made by breaking the notches and the relative “pulling out” of the panel from the sealing gasket. The plastic hinge guarantees the retention of the open panel without any projection of parts of the panel or of the possible counterframe.

Application and use

This type of safety device is intended for protection against possible explosions caused by a sudden increase in pressure of equipment containing potentially explosive air/dust or air/gas mixtures such as silos, separator filters, elevators, sieves, mixers, tanks, channels and piping, dust collectors, dryers, etc.

All breaking panels are safety devices and have been certified according to UNI EN 14797:2007.

Material: ASTM A240 steel (304L or 316L)
Gasket: PTFE
Breaking pressure: 0.1 bar at 15-25 °C
Max. vacuum resistance in operation: – 0.05 bar
Max pressure resistance in operation: + 0.05 bar
Opening efficiency: 0.95
Certification: CE 0588 Ex GD FSA 05 ATEX 1558 X
Maximum permitted use values:
Kst ≤ 300 bar-m-s-1 Pmax ≤ 10 bar
Kg ≤ 100 bar-m-s-1 Pred, max ≤ 2 bar


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Pannello nervato ATEX

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