AQ fan

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20 January 2020
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20 January 2020

AQ fan

Fan Series AQ, suitable for the suction of clean and slightly dusty air, for applications in industrial plant engineering and civil and industrial air conditioning. It is used in working fields with medium-high flow rates and low pressures. Made of Fe360 sheet metal, impeller made of Fe360 equilateral statically and dynamically. Curved blade, reverse (negative).

Intake air conditions: T=20°C, O m.s.l.m. and p=1205 kg/m3.
N.8 RD (clockwise rotation seen from transmission side) and n.8 LG. Bolt-on fan in adjustable bolted version for sizes 710-2000


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Model cooling fan AQ

AQ1000-55, AQ1000-75, AQ310-018, AQ310-22, AQ350-037, AQ350-3, AQ400-075, AQ400-4, AQ400-55, AQ450-075, AQ450-11, AQ450-75, AQ500-15, AQ500-185, AQ500-22, AQ560-3, AQ560-4, AQ630-55, AQ630-75, AQ710-11, AQ710-15, AQ800-185, AQ800-22, AQ900-37, AQ900-45